Thursday, May 13, 2010

It seems like an appropriate time --

I haven't written a blog in so long. I used blog almost daily, but this past year has been so insane, it's all just stopped.

So, I'm writing to commemorate this being the LAST DAY of my junior year in college. Without a doubt, this has been the most stressful, emotionally trying year of my life so far. I'm sure I'll have hurdles in the future, but all I can say now is that I am SO happy this year is OVER!

It started with a move from a beautiful, spacious, fun apartment with my best friend in the whole entire world, to back home in Katy. This meant long drives, long days, and most of all less time with the BFF. But, I guess I got used to it and so did Aij. It's not awful, but it's not a cake walk either. I'd choose Amli over Katy any day. It's not the company, I love my family, but geographically - Katy sucks. I heard Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" today - it was my theme song during this time.

After the fall semester I thought I was going to die. I thought THAT was a hard semester. That's why the Christmas cruise was especially amazing. I could not have asked for a more perfect week spending time with my favorite members of my family. Laughing with Emily is one the best things I remember about my childhood, and there was lots of that during the trip. It was also really cute how much Daniel missed me! =)

January was pretty amazing; getting engaged! Totally thinking we didn't have the money, Daniel figured it out somehow and managed to buy me the most perfectly beautiful ring. After a delicious dinner at '"our spot" Grand Lux Cafe, and before a free dessert he popped the question in the cutest, most appropriate way.

From there - school almost just swallowed me whole.  Like Jonah and the whale. I don't know what it was about this semester. I took 4 classes instead of 5 and it was still the craziest, most busy, hardest semester ever. Video Production was confusing and unfair. Databases was a joke. I almost got intentionally dropped by the professor for Graphic Production. I missed the freaking MIDTERM for Graphics, also. In addition, I became appointed to Dir of PR for SGA, and it started taking a lot of time. Well, not really any more than it did before, when I did it unofficially. (Not complaining about this really -  I love being Dir of PR.) But also, Aijah didn't get Speaker, that made me sad.

However, for my birthday, I received a little taste of what the summer will hold. My awesome family (they are ALL family) conspired together under the direction of Daniel to buy me an iPad!! It's in Hong Kong right now. I will get it on the 17th!

Aijah and I have declared this summer to be "The Summer of Fun" to make up for all the stress, tears, worry, and everything bad that was this school year. (And last summer - all we did was work. Ew.) So, we made a list of things to do and places to see. We'd like to go to the beach (maybe several times), Schlitterbahn (New Braunfels), Fiesta Texas @ San Antonio, Shopping in San Marcos,  the Drive-In Movie Theater in Magnolia, and get massages. There might be more, but this is our tentative list. I am SO excited for this summer - more than I ever have been for a summer.

So, let's hope and pray for good finances and schedules so it can all happen!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i hate hate hate hate politics

i love serving UH through student government. I like having a voice and getting great things accomplished. but i HATE the politicking that occurs with election season. that part of it is just not in me. i want a certain position, but it's not as easily as attainable as i imagined at first. which is totally fine. a little competition never hurt anyone... it's just i want to be strategic, but at the same time not over necessarily strategic and have an affiliation look negatively later.

the college of technology seat is a somewhat easy win. i don't know of anyone else that is running. but i want to move up to director of PR. it's a presidential appointment. the candidate most likely to win president already has someone in mind. the other candidate would most likely appoint me, but they probably cannot win against person #1. however, in very recent elections it has been proven that the popular guy doesn't always win.

ahh, we'll see how it goes. whatever happens is meant to happen, anyway.

 on the other hand, maybe it's bothering me because i am not used to losing and very much like when things go my way. which they usually do. could it be bigger than an SGA issue? is it an internal spiritual thing?  C'mon G-man, what are you trying to teach me?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my blogs usually hold more than one main idea.

i hate strep throat and i am sick of it taking over my life and making me miss class.

i have a presentation thing at work tomorrow and do not know if i'll be able to talk during it. awesome.

my project 2 for video production is done. it's such a relief, but i have another one due soon and NO ideas!

our engagement party is moved to sometime in may. hopefully may 15th. we'll see.

i want to graduate on time and i am considering taking 6 classes for both fall and spring next year. but, the trade off is that i might die. ehh i don't think thats logistically or realistically going to happen.

i have no idea what has happened with my finances. when i lived in my apartment, i had rent,  electricity, water, gas, internet, etc... many many more expenses than i do now. however, now that i live at home i am broke as a joke! i am getting a 2nd job. it's an enjoyable one, but at tomorrow's meeting I will be installed as SGA's Director of Public Relations. The other girl was forced to resign. It will require a bit more time out of me than senator does, but it's paid. Hopefully all that money can go towards something productive and daniel and i can start having dates again!!

joomla is frustrating me to no end. the beginnings of my new site are coming (check it out but i cannot get the links to work, the footer to show up, etc. it's annoying!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

new everything!

i have a lot to blog about today. bear with me. feel free to read as much of this as you feel i am worth. haha just kidding! read whatevaaaa


-when you're walking with god, when you're praying regularly, when you are living in a faithful way according to His plan, etc.. truly amazing things happen. daniel and i have made a goal to read the bible chronologically in one year, and we started january 1st. granted, both of us are behind.. but even "more regular" reading of the bible has been an astonishing improvement. im rapidly starting to chip away parts of myself and of my own sinful human character and replace them with how i am suppose to live, act, react, and obey. im not sure that makes sense. but like, when you become more aware of who God is, and you learn more about His character, your filter for the secular influnces becomes much stronger. Pretend my past spiritual life is like a window screen. I have a very loose tolerance for the non-christian aspects of my life. As water passes through a screen freely, I let indulgences, temptations and other sins get in my heart and mind a take the reigns. However, as I grow and mature as a Christian, that screen tightens up. Let's say - now I'm dealing with a denim barrier. Water still gets through, but it takes longer and it get's heavy. I am more AWARE of the sin (water) that is weighing me down (because it's heavy.) Haha, in the future, I want to have a chain mail-like filter.
Anyway - what this all boils down to is a few experiences that happened this week that just make me appreciate God more and more. I act surprised when he does stuff like this - but seriously, it's God - I really shouldn't caught off gaurd when the creator of the universe steps in my meager life! lol.

Sooo - here's the application. I listen to Roula and Ryan on 104.1 faithfully everyday. I start my morning with them, instead of starting it with God. I think there show is generally amusing and humorous. However, this week, as I have been really good about my spiritual life, I have become increasingly more annoyed with the content of the show. I think they do have some good segments, with somewhat useful information. I totally see why their entertaining, and I get why they're popular. However, why do I need to waste my drive to work or class listening to sad, sinful, lying, cheating, people complain about their latest upset? I could be worshipping God during that time!! Every single day they talk about cheating, sex (marriage, optional), or some other form of pleasurable yet harmful thing in regard to relationships. This is exactly why Daniel and I live the way we do! We are not plagued by the ailments these people are suffering from. I sooo pray that through our faithfulness in God and in each other people see something different in us. I pray that they realize that the ONLY reason we work so well, love each other so much, and are in a committed and fun relationship is that we love God first, and he runs the rest FOR us! I know it's a difficult concept to understand: to let a supernatural being guide your hands and feet as you make decisions - but I hope from the way I'm writing about it you can tell how passionate I am about the greatness of a relationship like the one I have with Daniel is. God is the only way you can get that. HE created marriage, people!! If you don't do it HIS way - it doesn't work the way he intended it to work! Why are so many people divorced and hurting? Because they're not being obedient!  - - - -Back to Roula and Ryan - I don't need them. I don't need to listen to them everyday and sit and wait in my car for an extra few minutes (worshipping) a freaking secular radio show!


In other news, 2010 has been going tremendously well so far. I haven't eaten at a single fast food restaurant - still! I am still eating healthy, still working out 3-5x/week. I feel great. I haven't a physical difference yet, but I know it's coming. The numbers are working out, and the loose clothes are to follow!


In addition, school is good. Tuition and books are as always too expensive, but it comes with the territory. I'm only able to afford 4 classes this semester, but it will be okay. I found out that if I can get into 2 classes this summer and next summer I can graduate in the summer and not december, so I am SUPER excited about that..


it looks like my schedule is finally more flexible than it has been lately. I'm free almost all evenings, and even if I have a meeting, which I usually do, I'm home around 9 or 10. Weekends aren't always booked, either!


Emmalie is about to turn 18, which I cannot believe. How did my little sister grow up so fast? (How did I grow up so fast?!)


Monday, January 25, 2010


let me tell you what i hate the most.


just sayin'.

the truth has set me free. i think it's time you learn the skill. k.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the moment

it was the first moment it really sank in.
...when the drop of sweat off my forehead dropped to the mat i was doing push ups on.

i'm really going to lose this weight. ah, i haven't eaten fast food all year. i haven't eaten anything even remotely bad except 2 cookies on the 7th, and 10th - one on each day.

someday, sooner rather than later, we'll be jillian and bob.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We're engaged!

So I found out the that good news travels faast through a good friend called Facebook. Within minutes of updating my statud from my cell phone, I was getting phone calls and text messages and FB Mobile updates every second! Haha. 

So Wednesday, the 13th, was our 4 year anniversary. A couple months ago, there was talk about a ring. It was in the works, and I somewhat knew about it. I didn't know when, or how but I knew it was getting sooner and sooner. However, a couple weeks ago, I was informed that the money that was set aside for it, hadn't come through as planned. (Gotta love college finance offices, right?) So of course, I was bummed, but know that whatever God's will is what is going to happen. All along, I kind of felt like our anniversary would be the day he would propose, because it just makes sense. But, then the whole money thing happened. And, we share a bank account now, so if suddenlt a lotttt of money just went missing - I would totally notice.  However, I was realllyyyyyy off base... nice to be wrong this time!

So we planned to go out to Grand Lux, which is our favorite restaurant. Daniel always gets the filet mignon, and I get Pasta Carbonara. (Which totally WRECKED the diet this week - but whattttteverrrrr.) Before dinner I gave him my gifts. I got him work out pants for the cold since he has been complaining of freezing shins when he goes to the gym, haha.. and some work out shoes, casual shoes, a new wallet, and a snuggie. Now, the snuggie was a JOKE gift - but he liked it the most it seems!! Haha! But, my gifts SOO don't even matter compared to HIS!!

We eat dinner and all of a sudden he decides it's time for me to open my gifts. I open the first on and it's a beautiful engagement sculpture of a guy proposing to a girl and putting the engagement ring on her finger.

He says something along the lines of "I saw this and I just thought it was perfect and I had to get it for you. We can get it engraved with the date I get to propose to you. I'm sorry that couldn't be tonight." So I LOVE it, its beautiful - but honestly I was a little sad because it just reminded me of everything that messed it up. Supposedly.

The next gift I open is a cuuuute Bible. It's for teen girls, but I love it. It's pink and brown and soo adorable. I open the box and see that it's engraved with "Katie Moreno." I think it's so cute that he put his last name instead of mine! It was supposed to tip me off to what's inside, but I totally didn't get that. So he goes on to say that it's bookmarked to my favorite love verse, 1 Corinthians 13:4 and that since it's our anniversary I should read it. As I opened the Bible to the page, I saw my BEAUTIFUL ring tied to the ribbon bookmark and he says, "Oh yea, one more thing - Will you marry me?!"

Of course, I freak out and can't even talk. My eyes start watering and I'm totally at a loss for words. He slips the ring on my finger and finally tell him "YES!" The table of about 15 people next to us start clapping and the whole restaurant catches on and starts clapping. People are peeking over the booth to see what's going on. The waiter came by and bought us free strawberry shortcake ice cream dessert that said "Congrats" on the side.


^^ Before we left - notice - NO RING! ^^

There's one last part to his SPECTACULAR gift - Engagement Pictures!! We have to set up a time with Jamie and Molly for some snazzy new pictures!

All else I can really say is that I love Daniel. I think it's obvious, but I am absolutely elated about this next step in our relationship. A big influence of my decision to follow Christ was seeing the difference in couples at church. People had parents who weren't divorced. There were couples who held hands at church and look like they've been together probably 50+ years. It's a much different picture than what society painted for me. It's different than what my parents showed me. I believe I have truly found the one for me, for always - and I know it's because I trust God with my life, and my loves. I believe we'll be that elderly couple holding hands at church in many many years. Together forever, baby!

There's nothing like this feeling. I can't (and don't want to) shake it off. It was SO worth the wait. I encourage everyone who has not found Mr. Right yet - wait for him. Don't waste your time on meaningless relationships and quick flings - if you're meant to be with someone - that someone will come.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

ahh, 12 days in. honestly, i feel great. I have lost weight already. Not much, but it's a start. I'm eating better. I have more energy (maybe it's psychological?), and I'm working out. I have my biggest loser DVD permanently in the tv, the healthy nutritious foods invidiually baggied in the fridge, and a wonderful support system.

Daniel and I were talking last night about our goals for 2010. It's going to be a year for the record books! So here it is, boiled down -

We both want to be more:
Spiritually Mature
Physically Fit &
Financially Secure

it even rhymes! haha. i think we can do it. We set realistic attainable goals and we're working hard toward them. By now, I've usually already given up on my new year resolutions - but not this year! In 5-10 years we'll look back at 2010 and think "dang that was a good year" hahaa

holy crap though. i went to the gym last night with gaby and D, and jeeez I am feelin' it today! It feels good but at the same time owwwwwwww

Thursday, January 7, 2010

observations on life at age 20

In a bathroom, I feel that only necessary items should be there. Decorations are one thing. Golf clubs and pressure washers, old socks and rusty chunks of metal are another. I feel that a bathroom is a place where one should feel comfortable enough to do their business, however not so comfortable they feel inclined to hang out there, cuddle up in the corner and take a nap. I'm just sayin': Stock the toilet paper, hang a roll of paper towels, include some cleaning supplies and forget the golf clubs.

[american society]
Seriously, Americans ARE dumb. Overall. I'm not saying YOU. or you. or you. or anyone imparticular. But for real. How many resources do we have wide open for us. Even if you count just the internet ALONE, we have sooo much knowledge at our fingertips in seconds. Not to mention, the availability and freedoms that we have just by living here. BUT does anyone appreciate it? People don't study like they did in biblical times. 5 year olds back then were more educated than 15 year olds today. They knew history and math, they could read well and write. They studied grammar. Not in the language sense. But grammar as in the basic principles of an area of knowledge. We need to take advantage of all the things we have available to us.

a few blogs coming in at once

IN SIX SHORT DAYS, Daniel and I will celebrate our 4 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been this long.

I was recently asked "Are you looking at a ring in the not too distant future?!" Honestly, I have no idea. Apparently there were plans in the works, but they got messed up several times. All that matters is someday - who knows when - we'll get engaged, married, make babies, etc. Just not as soon as we hoped. (Except for the babies part - we still have 7 years on that one!)

a new lifestyle has begun

It's not just 6 months for me. It's a lifetime of changes taking effect right now.

It's the celery sticks and wheat bread.
It's the cardio and interval training.
It's the complex carbs and low fat organic cheese.
It's the cholesterol counting and The Calorie King.
It's all...
....worth it.

It's the chance become a sexy bride.
It's the chance to wear a bikini, which I have never done in my life.
It's the chance to look at myself in the mirror and think "DANG!" =)
Again, it's all..
...SO worth it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's amazing what you'll learn in three short years

i remember being her age. i remember being stressed about "huge" things that seems so petty now. i remember my high school GPA counting for all 10 minutes of my life that it did.

but now, being older, looking at this time in her life from outside - i see how much i have really learned since my high school days.

it's about money. she doesn't get it. she doesn't understand credit, or how serious it is. she doesn't understand monthly payments and how important the timeliness of them are. she just doesn't understand much about anything past graduation. i mean neither did i. but it's really frustrating to be on the outside, somewhat helpless and watch her have to learn the hard way. i could enable her, but she would never learn. i have the means, really. but her attitude the lessons aren't worth it. making it easy for her now will only make it worse later. i just hope it doesnt hurt her too much.

it all boils down to maturity. she gets angry and frustrated at repetition and no progress. but she can't wrap her mind around the fact that SHE is the one at fault, and needing rescued from her ship that's sinking fast. praying for her hard. she's about to go through a pretty awkward stage in life. disembarking high school and entering college is a huge deal. BUT, you can't walk on water if you can't get out of the boat!

maybe the cruise is getting to me too much. im using a lot of water quotes. hahaha