Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my blogs usually hold more than one main idea.

i hate strep throat and i am sick of it taking over my life and making me miss class.

i have a presentation thing at work tomorrow and do not know if i'll be able to talk during it. awesome.

my project 2 for video production is done. it's such a relief, but i have another one due soon and NO ideas!

our engagement party is moved to sometime in may. hopefully may 15th. we'll see.

i want to graduate on time and i am considering taking 6 classes for both fall and spring next year. but, the trade off is that i might die. ehh i don't think thats logistically or realistically going to happen.

i have no idea what has happened with my finances. when i lived in my apartment, i had rent,  electricity, water, gas, internet, etc... many many more expenses than i do now. however, now that i live at home i am broke as a joke! i am getting a 2nd job. it's an enjoyable one, but at tomorrow's meeting I will be installed as SGA's Director of Public Relations. The other girl was forced to resign. It will require a bit more time out of me than senator does, but it's paid. Hopefully all that money can go towards something productive and daniel and i can start having dates again!!

joomla is frustrating me to no end. the beginnings of my new site are coming (check it out www.thegrafixx.com) but i cannot get the links to work, the footer to show up, etc. it's annoying!!

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