Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i hate hate hate hate politics

i love serving UH through student government. I like having a voice and getting great things accomplished. but i HATE the politicking that occurs with election season. that part of it is just not in me. i want a certain position, but it's not as easily as attainable as i imagined at first. which is totally fine. a little competition never hurt anyone... it's just i want to be strategic, but at the same time not over necessarily strategic and have an affiliation look negatively later.

the college of technology seat is a somewhat easy win. i don't know of anyone else that is running. but i want to move up to director of PR. it's a presidential appointment. the candidate most likely to win president already has someone in mind. the other candidate would most likely appoint me, but they probably cannot win against person #1. however, in very recent elections it has been proven that the popular guy doesn't always win.

ahh, we'll see how it goes. whatever happens is meant to happen, anyway.

 on the other hand, maybe it's bothering me because i am not used to losing and very much like when things go my way. which they usually do. could it be bigger than an SGA issue? is it an internal spiritual thing?  C'mon G-man, what are you trying to teach me?

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